What is a solo ad ?

Hi, I seem to be doing a lot of ‘what is’ posts !

A solo ad is where someone who already has a list of subscribers promotes your offer or page (or whatever) to their list.

You pay them (generally) and they offer you a certain amount of ‘clicks’ to your ad for a set amount. At the time of writing I’m looking at around 75 cents in general for clicks.

Each solo ad seller will state what ‘niche’ they can offer clicks in, so someone might be able to sell me clicks in the Internet Marketing niche or Survival niche etc.

The clicks are usually sold in packages of say 100 clicks and beyond, with a better discount to be had the more clicks you buy. I did see an offer for 10,000 clicks at 50 cents a click – so $5000 in total !

If you want to check out solo ads, you can find sellers at the following web site:


There are plenty of other places to get them, and you can find them on Google, but you have to tread with care as it can be easy to be conned out of your cash by unscrupulous individuals 🙁

I recommend Clickonomy because it has safeguards in place to prevent fraudulent activity.

Used correctly, solo ads are the quickest way to build an Email Marketing list.

So far in my journey to success I have used three different solo ad sellers. I would consider all three as trustworthy individuals and am happy to supply their contact details if anyone wants them – please note they are all in the Internet Marketing niche.

If I get a chance to confirm it with them, I will post their details on this blog – but for the moment just email me (I don’t get anything for sending you there way other than the warm, happy glow that comes from helping others )  🙂

All the best



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