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My Story – part one

Part One – the early years !

My name is Steve, and I’ve been using the internet since about 1995 – I still recall life under windows 3.1, infact I also recall using a DOS command window, but windows 95 was the big game changer.

I put my first web site on the internet in 1997, it was not as easy as it is today, and I had to use HTML to write a lot of it myself. I don’t recall the domain name, but I think it was about Conspiracies, one of my pet interests.

What I rather annoyingly can’t recall is when I started to try making money from the internet, but it would no doubt have been on ebay, which did not work out that well for me.

I’ve also had a number of ecommerce shops, but again, whilst fun at times, no great success there either.

My attempts at having a successful online shop introduced me to Perry Marshall’s ideas on pay per click advertising, and I brought a number of his products in order to master google – whilst the information has been handy to a degree, I don’t think I know anymore on the subject than the average internet marketer.

Sometime over the past ten years or so I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge on selling digital products and Affiliate Marketing without really understanding how it is done. It was not hard to work out that traffic equalled success, but for the life of me I could not understand how the ‘gurus’ did it. I just thought all those making money online were SEO experts and what have you, and that it was not going to happen for me.

I’d heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’ and thought I knew what it meant, but again, had no idea how anyone collected a list of subscribers.

I wanted to make money on the internet, but it was just a pipe dream.

Then in 2013 I started reading about blogging, and how you could make money doing so. Once again I was left wondering where the traffic would come from to make my blog successful, but I wanted to give it a go. I brought a number of digital books from Amazon and got started.

I purchased my hosting from Blue Host and went for their Business Pro package – around $400 a year. whilst costly, the package meant that I was hosted on a server with less other sites than I would have been if I had gone for the standard package, so instead of being one in a thousand, I am infact, one in ten.

Do I really know the benefits of this – no, in truth, but I’m lead to believe it was a good idea, and so I’ve stuck with it.

With hosting in place, I was off blogging – after learning how to install WordPress of course. Learning about WP has been very handy, and it has helped me in all the things I have done since, so no regrets there.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate ( a $49 a month membership site) and purchased Blogging With John Chow.

And then, after such a great start and lots of promise, I did almost nothing with any of it, and my dreams of being a blogging millionaire started to unravel.

I should stress, it was me, not the products. I do think Wealthy Affiliate is a bit costly month on month, but the members area is packed with stuff and lots of help. John Chow I cannot fault, and that’s why you’ll see his banner on my site. The information was excellent, I just failed to put the effort in.

Possibly the story of my life !

But my interest in blogging did at least keep me in and around the idea of making money online, and I continued to read various eBooks on the subject  waiting for the right idea to spark with me and the fire to get started.

At the start of this year, 2015, I found that spark – or so I hope.


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By Moorpark Furnace Mon Aug 10th 2015 at 6:13 am  

Hello would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using?
I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this
blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you recommend a good internet hosting provider at a reasonable price?
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

By Steve Thu Aug 13th 2015 at 9:07 am  

Hi, I use Blue Host, but I have a premium package where I only share a server with 9 other customers. That said, Blue Host is great across all its packages and certainly my top recommendation for hosting.

By Michael D Russo Tue Jun 9th 2015 at 11:13 pm  

Hey great job Steve – very engaging story! Your story sounds like the beginning of many millionaires I know so keep at it mate. Michael

By Jason Harrison Wed Jun 3rd 2015 at 4:44 am  

Great story Steve! I have also been thru Ebay…made some money but waaaay to much work listing and jargon.. The wealthy affiliate is a great site for info and networking! I did learn lots through them guys, but not for the monthly membership costs. Keep your dreams and goals in front of you! Let your actions be that of what is getting you to your next step to your ultimate goal! Doing great!
Jason Harrison

By Steve Wed Jun 3rd 2015 at 12:57 pm  

Thanks Jason, I’m thinking about Wealthy Affiliate again, but not 100% sure about promoting it. It is one of the best sites out there, so not sure why I hesitate. I think maybe because I’m more into list building at the moment than site building. Also, when it comes to blog training, I think Blogging with John Chow is better and only a one off cost. But that said, I am going to look at WA again 🙂

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