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My Story – part two

My spark was a book by internet guru Anik Singal – The Circle Of Profit. You can find it on Amazon (where I came across it) and it’s only a few dollars, but if you look around the internet you can find copies being given away for free by other list building internet marketers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it is the best ‘internet riches’ book I have ever read. So many other books promise to show you the system but fail to deliver – not this one.

Anik sets out his approach in an easy, step by step style that leaves nothing out – this book and a bit of Google research is really all you need to get started.

Sorry, I don’t want it to sound like I’m trying to promote the book to sell it or anything – there’s no affiliate links here you’ll notice – I think it really is that good.

Having read Circle Of Profit I watched Aniks promotional webinar for his forthcoming Profit Academy – you can read the sales page here – but again, this is not an affiliate link for myself :

>>>> Profit Academy Sales Page <<<<

And guess what, I signed up !

I can’t say that spending out $3000 on an internet course was an easy decision, but I just liked what I was hearing, and as I said, the spark had gone off and now a fire was starting to flame.

Just before making the commitment I sheepishly mentioned my plan to my girlfriend whilst we were out walking the dog one day. I told her all about Profit Academy but did not mention the price, other than it was expensive. She caught on straight away that I was  hiding something and pressed me for the cost.

To my surprise, when I told her, she said that was nothing and if it was going to be good, to sign up !

I forgot that my girlfriend works in IT (she’s a computer programmer) and she remarked that courses in her industry were often $10,000 and up – you pay for what you get.

And so I joined Profit Academy.

To put my PA experience in a nutshell (and at this point in my story, April 2015, I’m still only part way through the course) it introduced me to the concept of Email Marketing.

The first step in Email Marketing is to find a ‘niche’ that you can market to. You need to have an interest in that niche yourself, as you need to engage with your subscribers through it, and it must also be profitable – there must be some way of making money from it – generally in the form of affiliate sales of other peoples niche related products.

Finding that said niche is not always that easy, depending on your interests in life. My big passions did not really translate well in this regard. As I saw it, there were four areas that I knew a large degree about or was very interested in:

1) Collecting, painting and gaming with model soldiers

2) Playing the guitar

3) Security – personal not IT

4) Making money on the intenet

Number 1 did not offer the chance for profit, I had sold related physical products through estores in the past, but as a niche it was not promising.

Number 2 had possibilities. I’ve been playing the guitar for over 35 years, so I guess I know a thing or two about it. There were also online courses that could be sold as an affiliate and I would happily talk about guitar playing all day if I had to.

Number 3 is my real area of expertise in life (for various reasons) and I thought it could be a real contender. It overlaps with the survival niche and there are a number of digital products out there. So looking good at the outset.

Number 4 was fairly obvious, ticked all the right boxes for marketing and looked good on paper. The downside was, yes, I had a lot of interest in the subject, but I was hardly successful enough to be telling others what to do, and the niche is very competitive – I’d be up against the best gurus on the internet, not an appealing thought if you’re just stating out.

So, it came down to playing the guitar and security/survival.

Ok, so you may now be wondering why you are not reading a post about how to master the F chord or live off tree moss, well, I shall explain.

keeping in mind that I am new to all this, so lack a degree of experience, the first problem I ran into was how to build a list for my ‘learn guitar’ niche. Being broad is often the enemy of such projects, and I could not target in on my exact audience – I mean, who does learn guitar ? It seemed to me that just about anybody might decide they want to play and take up the instrument, that’s the beauty of the guitar, it appeals and is accessible to so many people. But this was not good news for me as I did not know where to spend my advertising dollars !

Ok, I’m now a tiny bit further down the road, and I probably could approach this niche if I wanted to – Facebook ads might be a good way to go – but at the time of working out what to do, I felt I was stumped, and so decided not to pursue this.

So I was left with security/survival. Again, I was rather excited about this niche, as I felt I knew a lot of things that I could share with my future subscribers. What’s more, whilst I was no industry leading expert, I did (and do) feel that I could hold my own against my peers and had some interesting and constructive information to pass on. So it looked like a goer !


When I started to research the market, what products were sold and where etc, the over riding factor was the United States. It seemed the U.S market was heavily into the survival and personal security niche, and there were a lot of products available to budding affiliates.

So what was the problem ? Well, it’s a funny one, and I’m not saying it’s insurmountable – I’m sure there are many non U.S marketers doing very well in the niche, but I felt the cultural difference between the U.K and the U.S.A would hamper my take on things – so that was out !

So, going back to the drawing board and desperate to get started, I decided to fall back on that good old favourite, making money on the internet.

My first attempt at building my Internet Marketing niche was just about the opposite end of the spectrum to where I am today ! I wrote what was in effect a mini email course in how to succeed at Email Marketing and proceeded to promote it as if I was some kind of guru or something. I’m not saying I was trying to deliberately mislead anyone, no not at all, but when your ‘product’ is all about how to make money and yet you have made none yourself, well, it gets a tad tricky to know how to present yourself.

So I was in that old ‘fake it till you make it’ area – and not overly happy at all.

I ran a solo ad and started to build my list, all the time expanding my email course and trying to throw as much information together as I could. I should say that the info I was passing on was all good stuff, but I was ‘talking the talk’ and not ‘walking the walk’ as they say !

In very short time I became unhappy at this approach, it was just not sitting well with me, so I decided I had gone off in totally the wrong direction and to start again.

Starting again was a tough decision for me, as I had put quite a bit of work into my auto responder emails etc and building my fledgling list, not to mention cash, but it had to be done, and so it was a case of ‘take two’ !

Sadly though, take two did not really go that much better either. I dropped any guru act I might have been attempting and just went for a straight ‘hey you guys, look at these amazing affiliate products that will make you a million’ approach. It was the same approach that was being used by just about everyone around me – and it still did not sit well with me.

I felt something was missing. I really like the niche of Internet Marketing so it seemed strange to me that I found my emails hard to write and doing a blog, well, no way. Once again I was not enjoying myself.

I had run two further solo ads and my list was beginning to build, so it was hard to think about starting again a third time, but I knew I was not happy. I just didn’t know what to change to make things better.

And then, like a bolt out of the blue, it came to me – Doh !!!!! – just be yourself !

Why not just be totally open and show anyone who wants to know exactly what I am doing and how I do it. I figured if I’m on the right path, then I don’t need to make out I’m anybody or anything else. The road I am travelling will do the talking for me  🙂

My Big Goal is as grand as any guru as who has come before me, and with that in mind, I want to invite others to follow me on my journey towards it. The truth is, when I thought about it myself, this sort of ‘approach’ is exactly what would catch my interest if I came across it on the internet – so why won’t other readers be interested (you are interested I hope !).

The truth is, I do know quite a bit about Internet Marketing, but I have never put the ‘hustle behind the muscle’ so I don’t deserve to have earned anything, but my lack of dollars in the bank does not wipe all that know how out – it just means I have to be real and tell it how it is.

This is me at day one, zero dollars earned but with lots of plans to succeed. Will I make it, well time will tell – but come on, it’s got to be a story worth watching !

All the best



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By Jason Harrison Wed Jun 3rd 2015 at 4:55 am  

Awesome Goal! I have heard if you decide on the guitar thing…that you can get lots of free traffic through youtube videos..perhaps you can record some easy small lessons..tips on upkeep on a guitar, cleaning, etc.. Perhaps amazon links for guitars, parts, etc.. use your lessons in your email marketing and on your website or make a website about guitars ..make enough videos and sell them as guitar lessons,tricks ( whatever) through click bank and then you will have affiliates selling for you which means more sales and people on your email list !! Oh the fun one can have when having fun!!! Hope the ideas help!
Jason Harrison

By Steve Wed Jun 3rd 2015 at 12:59 pm  

Yes, there is a small chance that something will happen on the guitar front, but it’s on the back burner at the moment. Once I’m living the Internet Marketers lifestyle maybe I’ll have time to explore the idea further ! Thanks for the suggestions though buddy. All the best, Steve.

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