Cardinal sin, stupid error or just lazyness ?

Well, having spent all the time and effort building my list to just over 2000 I now seem to be neglecting it a bit. I think the last email I sent was 2 weeks ago !

The stats for that, by the way, were…..Open Rate 2.59%, Click Rate 0.35%  Not the best in the world  🙁

I’m told (by the gurus) that you should mail your list every day, some say even more – either way, they certainly don’t advocate twice a month.

To be honest, my list seems to be very ‘unresponsive’, which probably goes a long way to explain why I’ve started to drop off sending stuff out. Of course, then you get a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, where it all spirals downward and comes to zero – i,e everyone unsubscribes.

The other big issue I have is finding stuff to send out. I don’t want to spam my list everyday with affiliate offers, but often times that’s all I’ve got.

Do people really want me sending them words of inspiration or funny YouTube videos?

There seems to be a lot of talk about putting all the effort into building a buyers list – made up of those that have spent money on your products, and this seems to make sense really.

Of course, you need a good product to sell to them in the first place to get them onboard, but the logic is sound.

It’s an idea that I am looking at, well, I’ve already decided I’ll follow the relevant course of action to build it, I just need a suitable product to get me going.

In the meantime I shall email my current list, perhaps there is life in it yet 🙂

All the best


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