$3.50 profit with Wealthy Affiliate – hey, its a start !

Well, following on from my post about adf.ly here’s an update about how I’ve been getting on…

The original idea of using adf.ly traffic to sell the PLR product came to zilch. Ok, may have just been the wrong product for those seeing it. I spent $15 for 24,000 hits resulting in, as said, zero sales.

That might sound bad (well, it’s not good I’ll grant you) but 24,000 is quite low for an adf.ly campaign, I just decided to switch things a tad before putting more money into it – I may still rerun this again though with more traffic  🙂

So, as I’m promoting Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to give that a whirl with adf.ly. This time I ramped the traffic up and spent $48 for 120,000 hits. These hits brought me 24 Wealthy Affiliate subscribers at the Free member level. Of these free members, 5 of them completed their profile set ups (added an image etc) gaining me a payout from WA of $1 each, so $5.

Spend so far $48.   $5 earned.  Down by $43  🙁

However, of these 5, 3 upgraded to premium membership. As the first month is a reduced price, I earned $8 per upgrade.


Spend so far $48.  Total earning $29 (5 x $1 and 3 x $8)  Down by £19 but it’s getting better.

And now for the good part !!!

Of the 3 upgrades, 1 has passed their 1st month billing point and been rebilled at the membership rate, returning $22.5o  to me as an affiliate commission.


Total spend $48.  Total earnings $51.50 (5 x $1, 3 X $8 and 1 x $22.50) $3.50 profit !!!!!!!!!  🙂   🙂

Ok, does that $3.50 excite you ?

If not, you may need to look again. It’s profit. Where there’s profit, there is always the chance to ‘rinse and repeat’ plus scaling up.

Keep in mind as well that so far those figures only reflect 1 subscriber staying a member long enough for me to get a $22.50 payout, so the figures could get a lot better as others do the same.

That’s why I love promoting membership style sites.

If you have not checked out Wealthy Affiliate I would strongly urge you to do so – not only does it offer the opportunity to make recurring commissions like I have demonstrated here, but it contains a wealth of information and guidance on making money from the internet. I can almost guarantee that you will be amazed at how much stuff is in there.

For those who missed the links in the post, here’s my WA link …..  CLICK HERE

As always, if you need help with any of this, just shout and I’ll do my best to be of assistance.



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