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All posts in July, 2015


Just wanted to share something that happened to me today with everyone…

I have a gig on Fiverr. It’s not intended to give me financial freedom or anything, but I do so that I can build up experience making money on there and so help or advise others that do so.

My gig is $5 plus a $5 upgrade that is well worth taking.

A buyer ordered for $10 and I set to work delivering. It’s a fairly straight forward gig so no issues, or so I thought. To cut a long story short buyer asked for this and that to be changed and so I had to jump through a series of hoops delivering amendments. (continue reading…)

Ok, so as the title says, I thought I’d do something different, and it’s all tied up with my use of the traffic generation site adf.ly

I’ve been having some success using adf.ly to get subscribers and some sign ups to ‘free’sites, but the proof of the pudding so to speak would be to get sales out of it.

To that end, I’ve selected a decent PLR product from www.resell-rights-weekly.com and put up a sales page for it.

The cardinal rule with PLR is that it’s not that good for selling ‘as is’, so I’ve already put myself at a disadvantage, but I’ve price the product very, very low and now I’m going to run some adf.ly traffic to it.

Lets see how it gets on 🙂

All the best